Dahlem Vineyard

Home-Grown Arkansas Grapes

Dahlem Vineyard welcomes you to their lush open fields where you can a acquire a truly unique experience. With our vibrant variety of grapes, you can come and hand-pick your favorites from our vines or buy them conveniently prepacked. We additionally sell our crop to local grocery stores and produce stands. In fact, we sell our grape cuttings to nurseries (typically 40,000 annually). Take a look below to learn more about our grapes, pricing and season.

Our Vineyard location

8411 Log Cabin Rd. | Altus, AR 72821

Our Variety Of Grapes


Purple Venus Grapes

Ripens early to mid-season. They are a blue-black seedless grape and sweet to the taste. Perfect for eating and makes juices and jellies.

Mars Grapes

Mars Grapes

Medium sized, blue-black seedless grape. Ripens early in the season.

Pink Reliances

Reliance Grapes

Ripens early to mid-season. Soft translucent skin with a tender texture. Very sweet.


Cynthiana Grapes

Originating in Arkansas, The Cynthiana grape is the official grape for our state. Blue and seeded, this breed of grape is noted as being firm and pleasantly tart. It is also produces dry red wines, juice and jellies.

Ives Grapes

Ives Grapes

Much like the Cynthiana grape, Ives are come in bluish clusters and they are seeded. These grapes are perfect for wines but are also great for eating and creating delicious juice and jellies.


Niagara Grapes

One of the leading grapes grown in the US, these are harvested for eating, wine and jams and juices.

Altus Grape Fest

At The Dahlem Vineyard, we proudly promote the annual Altus Grape Fest which is held in downtown Altus the last Friday and Saturday of July.

James Dahlem is actually the chairman of this fun and unique event. The festival includes a variety of activities you can enjoy including arts and crafts booth, grape stomping and wine tasting, to name a few. >>Click here to learn more!