Dahlem Vineyard

Growing Fresh Grapes For Over 20 plus years.

For over 20 years James Dahlem has been growing a number of varieties of fresh grapes in the surrounding areas of Altus, Arkansas, Some of our divine selection inlcudes deliscious pink Reliances, classic Venus and Mars Grapes to name a few. They also raise 3 varieties of wine grapes they sell to local wineries and home wine makers ! This is the ONLY vineyard in the area that has a U-Pick operation where you can come pick your own fresh grapes !

Are you seeking to visit the vineyard or the RV park?

Then take a look below to see our locations. If you have questions about finding either location, please give us a call at (479) 667-7967.

To Visit Dahlem Vineyard:

8411 Log Cabin Rd. | Altus, AR 72821

To Visit RV Park:

7806 HWY 186 | Altus, AR 72821

Fresh, Delicious Grapes Off The Vine

Hand-Pick Grapes From Our Vines

Pick Your Own Grapes By The Pound

Make Wines, Jellies, Juices & More!

Who Are We?

James Dahlem's family roots run deep in the grape business. For over a century his ancestors have ran wineries and raised grapevines in the surrounding areas of Altus, AR. Dahlem Vineyard Just Grows Grapes, We are not a winery.

Our Process

While they are in season, James sells his fresh grapes by batches to local grocery stores and produce stands. For a fun day in the vineyard, you can come and hand-pick your own grapes straight from the vine.

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