Dahlem Vineyard

Growing Fresh Grapes For Over 20 plus years.

For over 20 years James Dahlem has been growing a number of varieties of fresh grapes in the surrounding areas of Altus, Arkansas, Some of our divine selection inlcudes deliscious pink Reliances, classic Venus and Mars Grapes to name a few. They also raise 3 varieties of wine grapes they sell to local wineries and home wine makers ! This is the ONLY vineyard in the area that has a U-Pick operation where you can come pick your own fresh grapes !

Are you seeking to visit the vineyard or the RV park?

Then take a look below to see our locations. If you have questions about finding either location, please give us a call at (479) 667-7967.

To Visit Dahlem Vineyard:

8411 Log Cabin Rd. | Altus, AR 72821

To Visit RV Park:

7806 HWY 186 | Altus, AR 72821

Fresh, Delicious Grapes Off The Vine

Hand-Pick Grapes From Our Vines

Pick Your Own Grapes By The Pound

Make Wines, Jellies, Juices & More!

Who Are We?

James Dahlem's family roots run deep in the grape business. For over a century they have ran wineries and raised grapevines in the surrounding areas of Altus, AR. To keep this tradition alive, James purchased his own vineyard.

Our Process

While they are in season, James sells his fresh grapes by batches to local grocery stores and produce stands. For a fun day in the vineyard, you can come and hand-pick your own grapes straight from the vine.

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